Older personas Service

Ramsamujh seva trust has been working for the cause and care of the disadvantaged
older persons in the country for the last 2 years. During this time we have
implemented projects for improving the quality of life of older persons
by providing medical care , social security to destitute elderly through
sponsor-a grand parent programme providing support to day care centres,
old age homes and hospitals and urgent support to elderly after natural
disasters. We have spent considerable resources, both, human and material
to implement these projects which deliver age care. We have the satisfaction
of improving the quality of life of more than a million elderly through these
projects .To face this enormous
challenge, we have decided to make dedicated effort to do advocacy at all
levels for ensuring the rights of older persons.
Awareness is the first step for concerted effort for advocacy. The Senior
Citizens’ Guide and other such publications of ramsamujh seva trust are an effort
to create awareness among older persons and other stake holders. We
hope that the updated version will prove useful to the readers.