Woman & Child Devlopment

Ramsamujh seva trust vision of holistic development affirms the essential linkages between education, social justice and economic inclusion and empowerment. It is with this recognition that along with its initiatives in education, ramsamujh seva trust has envisioned an inclusive programme of women’s empowerment that addresses concerns of gender equity by fostering skill-building and capacity-development amongst women from some of the country’s poorest neighbourhoods.

Women’s effective and gainful participation in the workforce is recognized not only as a precondition to holistic community development, but a fundamental indicator of how a nation treats crucial half of its population – its women. Vocational training and skill-building remains critical for both, women’s economic self-sufficiency and their quest of dignity and empowerment.

Ramsamujh seva trust Women’s Empowerment programme begun in July 2020 seeks to provide vocational training and skill-development opportunities to women from marginalized communities, and to secure marketing networks to provide sustained income generation for its beneficiaries. This skill provision-production-marketing model aims at effective capacity building to foster self-sufficiency and employability for women from impoverished neighbourhoods.